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Beach n Babies Vacation Rentals in Marco Island & Naples, FL

We truly want you to have a wonderful stay and for our guests to long for our wonderful area long after they are back home. We hope to make your stay with your children and grandchildren wonderful, and we hope that our equipment will take all the preparations out of their stay.

Our rental equipment is provided to make your stay relaxed and hassle-free, by your family not having to haul cumbersome needed baby items along with the kids. Don’t purchase expensive equipment for short stays, for children who will outgrow it by next visit, along with the additional task of storage of items.

Our equipment meets all safety guidelines, and we sterilize everything. Should you need an item that is not listed on our rental list, always call the store as we have a very large assortment of additional items that are not listed. We are here to accommodate you and your guest.

We purchase all our inventory directly from the manufacturer and do not rent resale or consignment items. We only purchase new items to make certain that your family has the cleanest and safest products available. Our focus is your family and your stay in our area. Tiny Tikes would like to make your vacation stay more wonderful by providing ease and everything imaginable for your family’s visit at your doorsteps.

We clean and sanitize all items. Bedding is washed in a dye-free detergent. We meet and do our best to exceed all safety requirements. We are notified of all recalls in our industry, and post the information on our Facebook page. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for all updates.

Information You May Find Helpful

Beach n Babies would like to make your vacation stay wonderful and hassle free. We offer everything imaginable for rental. This is the fastest growing area in the U.S.A., and we stay very, very busy with our delivery and pick-up, so we strongly recommend that you book and reserve all your vacation items in advance for the best possible service. It is never too early to reserve, should you know your dates and needs.

No Minimum Order • You can rent as much or as little as your family needs, and we deliver to everyone. There are no preset spending amounts for delivery, we treat everyone the same. All orders are delivered and picked up, and remember, we have proudly served new and repeat customers for over 22 years! We understand every family has different needs, and we are happy to serve everyone in our delivery areas. Go with the best and don’t settle for less!

delivery, set-up, and pick-up of all rental items ($10 fuel service charge each way applies)
We deliver to Naples, Marco Island, Bonita Springs, and Estero, FL. For delivery times and schedules, please call 239.235.9651

Arrangements must be made for delivery, set-up and pick-up of items. There will be a $15.00 charge for each additional trip made. Should your plans change or should your departure date change, you must notify us before pick-up date, and you will incur additional rental charges for extended day(s) until your rental items are picked up and returned to us. There are no exceptions to this. If a driver does try to pick up your items and they are not made available, you will be charged a trip charge of $15.00 for each trip made until items are returned, along with extended rental charges. Your prompt return saves you money. We sell time, and we charge for all time out, including Saturdays, Sundays, and all holidays.

Written cancellations for full refund. See invoice terms. All Items must be returned cleaned or a $25.00 cleaning charge will be applied for each unclean item that is returned. No refunds are given on items out over thirty minutes, you must call immediately for return of any items not needed.

All orders must be canceled before 24 hours of delivery time. A $25.00 fee will be charged for cancellations within 24 hours of delivery time. All items delivered and not cancelled will be charged the full amount. This applies to all hotels and rental companies who fail to cancel orders that a guest does not need.

Please be considerate and always call ahead to reserve and cancel items, or make changes. It is our pleasure to accommodate our guests, and provide them with excellent service and quality equipment.

Delivery is very costly and time-consuming. We have many orders and customers waiting, so please make all changes, reservations, and any cancellations before 24 hours of delivery.

You Ask Us, We Deliver! New Services!

Nanny Time (reservations required) • Have a special night out, birthday, anniversary, or just need Mommy & Daddy time? We offer Nanny Time! Call us for details.

Grocery Shopping Service (reservations and pre-payment required) • We will deliver pre-arranged grocery items, gifts, baby foods, or special needs items to your condo or home before arrival. Call for a list of available items and for specific requests. A shopping charge and 18 percent gratuity will be added to all bills.

Concierge Storage Closet • Leave your Florida items behind for next year’s visit. Rental rates depend upon size and storage factor of each request. Call for bin storage sizes and pricing.

Vacation Home Watch • While you are away, we can look after your home. Call for details.

Call Us To Purchase Brand New Items • We sell new items of new inventory by individual customer request and we sell rental items during seasonal inventory of replacement models. Inquire for prices and product availability.

About Our Rental Items

Beach StrollersOur most popular item, a must for beach vacations! Great fun and value. Children love to stroll along the beach. All of our beach strollers have large sun canopies and recline. When your precious cargo is too tired to walk another step in the sand, and has had enough of the Florida sunshine, kick back and let your cutie sleep in style, reclined with the large sun canopy, while you soak up rays or take your evening sunset strolls.

Single or Double Beach Stroller with Swivel Tire • After the beach and your morning jogs, unlatch the front tire and go off shopping or to dinner in style. With the ease of turning the front tire, you will be out all night!

Single or Double Beach Stroller with Stationary Tire • Only going to the beach or need a stroller exclusively for your morning and evening jogs? Then you will love the stationary tire.

Traditional StrollersNot allowed on the beach. For non-beach use, we offer a regular umbrella stroller (basic), and a reclining stroller. The umbrella stroller has no sun canopy and does not recline. The reclining stroller has a sun canopy.

Bedding • Provided free of charge with the full size crib, porta crib and toddler bed; one sheet. Adding a mattress pad is recommended for extra comfort for babies and toddlers. Rollaway twin size beds for adults and larger kids arrive with one sheet set, flat and fitted (if requested). In addition, you may rent mattress pads, blankets, and pillows for a complete bedding set. All of our bedding is washed and sterilized. We use baby detergents that are dye-free for sensitive baby skin. No discount is given if bedding is not needed. Please see rental prices for additional bedding prices.

Cribs, Portacribs, Rollaways, Toddler Beds • All of our beds meet new safety regulations and all of our cribs have been certified compliant. Our full size cribs and portable wooden cribs have stationary sides, and newer hardware that meets strict new mandated codes. We do not rent metal cribs, only wooden cribs that are safe, clean, and easy to move. No assembly or disassembly is required for our commercial rental cribs. You may move the cribs very easily from one room to another in your home or vacation residence. Toddler beds are great for transitioning to the big beds and are very low to the ground for safe footing of children one to six years of age. We also offer bed rails for children who are in transition to the big beds. Rollaways are great for extra adults or teenagers, and you can fold them up to put against the wall during the day, with bedding left inside, to keep your vacation space uncluttered. Rollaways beds are all twin size and arrive with sheets. Please see rental prices for additional bedding.

New federal crib safety standards were created and announced in November 2010, and took effect June 28, 2011. Immediately after the safety standards were announced, we replaced all of our cribs with BRAND NEW ones that meet the current safety standards. The standards require cribs to have non-drop sides, stronger side slats, stronger mattress supports, and better quality materials. We upgraded our inventory right away to ensure the best product for your baby. Don't put your child at risk with an older, non-compliant crib!

Bumpers Not Included • The American Academy of Pediatrics states that bumper pads should not be used in cribs. Therefore, we will no longer offer bumpers with our crib rentals. We are committed to safety and the professional recommendations of our industry.

Carseats • We now offer a choice of Britax Carseats or Cosco Carseats. Britax is known for their reputation of being top of the line and luxury for the baby. If you are traveling around sightseeing most days, it is our top preference for your precious cargo. Britax are now available in infant with base, toddler carseat, and a very heavy booster, the ultimate throne for older kids. All of our carseats are very safe and meet the standard requirements. We regularly check for recalls on all of our products. Our carseats are very clean and accident free. Infant Carseats are provided for children under 20 lbs. You may request a handle-carry carseat. Toddler Carseats are all five-point harness, very sturdy and safe. All Toddler Carseats accommodate children 20 - 40 lbs. Cosco Carseats accommodate children 30 - 60 lbs. Britax Booster Carseats will accommodate children 30 - 115 lbs.

Florida law requires that children be constrained in carseats until over 40 lbs. or age five, whichever comes first. If you are not certain, request a booster seat. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Glider Rocking Chairs and Changing Tables • We offer glider rockers for the ultimate comfort with new babies. Parents and grandparents both enjoy this treat, as well as baby! Great for rocking your baby to sleep or for breastfeeding moms. Changing Tables are also available for easy changing, and for saving parents’ and grandparents’ backs!

Highchairs, Booster Table Seats • All of our highchairs have a big plastic tray and a bar so that the child can not slide through. A strap is provided for secure feedings and must be used. Very sturdy, safe, and clean! A large toddler can also feed easily with or without the tray. For older children, we rent Booster Seats with or without a tray or straps.

Exersaucers, Walkers, and Activity Bouncers • These are a must for very young children who have not yet learned the art of walking! Very entertaining for little ones, and moms, dads, and grandparents can get a little free time. For ages four months to one year, before your baby takes off running.

Exersaucers are round with little gidgets and gadgets, toys built into the tray. Walkers move with no toys. Acivity Bouncers bounce in place with toys attached.

Gates • We have Standard Gates and Large Gates available. Standard Gate - 32” doorway, Large Gate - 50“ stairway and patio. (limited supply of large gates)

Swings • Battery-open top swings are the nicest choice for young infants. We offer large swings and travel swings. Swings are a wonderful choice for newborn babies up to 8 months old.

Bath Ring and Bath Tubs • If your baby or toddler is sitting up and moving around, the Bath Ring is the best choice for easy bathing. The Bath Tub is a great help when your baby is newborn to 8 months old

Potty Seats • Potty training in progress? Don't interrupt that progress while on vacation. Our Potty Seats are very clean and sanitized. All are plastic for ease of cleaning and comfortable use.

Video Monitors and Sound Monitors • All Baby Monitors will go approximately 500 ft. If you should hear static, switch both monitors to your second channel. Monitors will operate on electricity or batteries.

Vibrating Bouncy Seats • An excellent choice for newborn babies or infants, Vibrating Bouncy Seats simulate a car ride. A very soothing gift for a colicky or crying baby.

Activity Bouncer With Toys • Good for children 6 months and up, free-standing with toys. Great toy for entertaining and exercising child’s legs.

Wagons • Our wagons are plastic and go fine on the beach. Load your little ones and their toys. Also great for hauling beverages and goodies for all.

Picnic Tables • Our picnic tables will accomodate 4 - 6 children comfortably. These are great for snacks by the lanai, art projects, coloring, and provide excellent seats for childrens’ parties.

Large Playhouse • For a special treat, the Playhouse will be your favorite! Kids will play for hours!

Kitchen with Play Set • Your kids will love the play time of preted cooking.

Bikes and Trikes • Standard Trikes are available for little ones. 12” bikes for boys and girls are an excellent choice for children just learning to ride. 16” bikes for girls and boys are available with or without training wheels. 20” bikes without training wheels are available for bigger children.

Customized Toy Packages • Very popular! Kids love this! Small package for one child, large package for two to four kids. Your kids will ask for these each trip back. Each package is age and gender-appropriate. Packages consist of 15-20 items. Examples of items for toddlers would include cars, trucks, blocks, etc. for boys; dolls for girls. Musical items, pop-ups, etc. are included for both. Examples of an infant package would include rattles, activity blankets, musical items, etc. Please call us with your childs age and gender. For safety reasons, we will not include very small objects if a child is under two years of age. This is a great item to reserve as all kids love the idea of new and unfamiliar toys. The toys come in a container for easy pick-up and transport. Parents and grandparents are saved the expense of purchasing expensive toys for a short visit, and usually the children are limited on what they can return home with in the suitcase. Visiting parents and grandparents gain extra space in their luggage and have a lot less to carry. Who really wants to carry a bunch of toys on vacation? These packages are very popular and must be ordered in advance. All toys are cleaned and sanitized.

Customized Beach Packages • Very popular! Along the same line as our toy packages! Small package for one child, large package for two to four kids. This is all outdoor, for the beach and pool. Great fun and value. Save the space in your suitcase! Each package is age-appropriate. Examples of package items might consist of sand toys, beach buckets, shovels, water wings, seat in floats, beach ball, sand sifters, castle makers, etc.

Please do not mix up the indoor toys with the beach toys! You will ruin the indoor toys that we try very hard to keep nice for your little ones. You will be charged for missing or damaged toys. We work hard to make sure that your children have nice, clean, fun toys. We do not want your child’s crackers, snacks, or trash returned to us in the toy packages. This includes broken sandals, lotions and other foriegn items. Please take care in returning the items in the same condition as your receive them. Should you rent beach toys, please rinse these off on return, as we do not want sand and seashells returned with these packages. Children are not allowed to keep their favorite toy. If your child becomes attached to a favorite toy in the package, you may purchase it at a discounted price by calling the store. A maximum amount of $25.00 will be charged for each missing item. Please call the store to report all missing or damaged items, or items that your child has become attached to. Thank you, we truly appreciate your help in keeping our toys and beach items enjoyable for all little ones!

NEW ITEM • Bumbow Seat With Tray • Molded seat for infants to toddlers.

Superyard/Play Corral • Octagon panels that make a large play area that is contained. Great for putting in the lanai area, or inside containment.

BEACH GAMES - Bocce Ball, Corn Hole and Ring Toss...Give us a call or fill out our reservation form to order...NEW!!

Beach Coolers, Beach Carts, Beach Chairs, Umbrellas, Kids Beach Chairs with Umbrellas, Boogie Boards and Life Vests for Toddlers and Infants. We’ve got your beach days covered! Bring your bathing suits and let us do the rest. Relax and enjoy!

Our rental equipment is provided to make your stay relaxed and hassle-free, by your family not having to haul cumbersome needed baby items, and by not having to purchase expensive items for short stays, for children who will outgrow them by next visit. Along with the additional storage of items that are only used on visits.

Should you need an item that is not listed on our rental list, please call the stores as we do have a very large assortment of additional items that are not listed. We will always try to accommodate you and your guest. For the very busy winter months (November through May), please try to book in advance as we are extremely busy and may not be able to accommodate you if not reserved. Should you have any problems getting through on the phone lines (we have seven), please keep trying. Our phones are very busy with customers, real estate agents, and hotels calling in orders from all over the world. Please be patient. If you wait, someone will answer you. Should you ring busy on each try, please try at a different time of day. The morning hours are the busiest (9:00 -am till 11:00 am, and afternoons 3:00 pm till 5:00 p.m. Should you reach our answering machine, please leave your detailed reservation and someone will return your call as soon as possible. You can email us at