Beach n Babies serves Southwest Florida including Marco Island & Naples

Frequently Asked Questions from Beach n Babies

Where does Beach n Babies service?
We are a family owned and operated business. Servicing all of Collier County, Florida, including Naples, Bonita Springs and Estero.

What is Beach n Babies?
We are a full service rental company that delivers all your vacation item needs to your home, condo, or hotel. We are not retail. We are not consignment. We only buy new items, and all of our equipment is certified to meet all federal safety guidlines.

Does Beach n Babies buy all new items that meet all consumer guidelines?
Most definitely! We do not buy or sell consignment items. We are 100 percent rental and delivery of rental items. All of our rental items are purchased directly from the manufacturers. We check all safety regulations and monitor for all recalls.

What is your delivery area?
Marco Island, Naples, Bonita Springs, and Estero, Florida, as well as the surrounding airports and car rental hubs.

Will you meet or beat any competitors’ price?
We guarantee it! We have the best baby item rental rates around, and will match or beat the rates of any competitor.

What is your cancellation policy?
Written cancellations only. See Invoice Terms. We understand that plans can sometimes change. Baby can get sick or other emergencies can arise. We have an easy cancellation policy and offer a 100 percent refund for all orders cancelled at least 24 hours before scheduled delivery time. Orders cancelled within 24 hours of scheduled delivery time will be subject to a $25.00 cancellation fee.

Do you offer discounted rates for longer rentals?
We realize that most families come for shorter stays, and get to enjoy our paradise for a week or two. For lucky families that are able to stay longer, we offer monthly and extended rates.

Do I need to be at the location for delivery or pick-up?
You do not need to be at the location for delivery or pick-up. We have been delivering in our area for over 22 years and enjoy the trust of all hotels, condos, and homeowners. All rental items can and will be left at home or condo door if no access, and we will pick up at the door. You do not need to be at the location to receive items.

What if I am in a gated community?
It is your responsibility to notify security so that Beach n Babies has access for delivery and pick-up. For unmanned gates, please call the store with the access code.

What days do you deliver?
Beach n Babies delivers every day of the week. We do not deliver on Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, or Easter.

What are your safety proceedures?
We follow the guidlines of the American Academy of Pediatrics and we follow all rules implemented by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. The new guidelines state that “bare is best,” therefore no extra bedding or pillows are included, and bumpers are not available. We are commited to the safety of our baby industry. New federal safety standards for cribs were announced in 2010, and at this time, we replaced our entire inventory of cribs with new products that have been inspected and certified to meet the new standards. Stronger sides and mattress supports, sturdier materials, and non drop-down sides are required, and all of our inventory is compliant.

Is Beach n Babies licensed and insured?
Yes, most definitely. We have been licensed and insured since our establishment opened. Please be aware of newer operations that are not properly insured due to the enormous cost of premiums for our industry. We can proudly say that we are licensed, insured, and have been serving our industry safely for over 22 years.

What about cleaning?
We clean and sanitize all of our items with antibacterial cleaners. All bedding is washed with a dye-free detergent. Cribs arrive with one sheet and one blanket. We do not allow any of our rental items to be taken to the beach, with the exception of our beach gear and beach strollers.

What is the responsibility of our renters?
Renters are responsible for proper installation and use of rental items. Beach n Babies is not liable for any misuse by customers or manufacturer defects or recalls that are the direct responsibility of the manufacturer. All rental items are to be returned clean or be subject to a $25.00 cleaning fee. Beach n Babies is not responsible for any liability resulting from improper installation or usage of any rental item. Renters will be charged the full retail value for damaged, lost, or stolen items, plus the rental rates incurred.

Will the items I receive be the exact items pictured on the website?
No, you will always receive the newer model of items pictured on the website. The market tends to grow, and new models and styles emerge regularly. Rental items will vary in style and color due to inventory and manufacturer changes.

Do you rent wooden cribs?
Yes, all of our cribs are wooden. We will never bring you an unsafe metal crib. We are not fans of metal cribs and we do not carry them. The cribs that we deliver to you will always be wooden and meet all the new industry standards for safety.

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